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Welcome to Jacobs Wooden Toys!
" Feel free to grow up, but never stop playing..."
We believe, that imaginative play is one of the most stimulating types of play for children, and is essential for proper development. So some of the best toys you can get your child are ones that aren't limited to a specific use and allow them to create their own worlds.

We love having a flexibility and being able to stay home and be there for our kids as much as possible. It makes us happy to offer our product online, while reaching audiences worldwide and offering a safe shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.

Our family lives in a small town in Alberta, Canada. We love small town living, where store clerks know you and your kids (kids always look forward to their lollypop!), people greet each other on the street. It's a lovely slow paced life. We love summers here, where we can put product outside to dry, especially it is great for our little boats.

Building product and managing our online shops is a full time job for us. Tim is the talented man behind all our wooden items, who constantly works on design and manufacturing, improving the existing product for easier shipping. 
The very beginnings of the business can be found almost 30 years ago. We are very thankful to Tim's parents- Carl and Irene for the knowledge of building and running a business they have shared with us. 

Our goal has always been building sturdy, whimsical, lasting toys more suitable for younger children, inspired by clean, simple lines of Scandinavian design. 
We use locally harvested pine/spruce from Northern Alberta and Baltic birch. We use up pretty much every piece of wood we have, as a lot of parts for the items we produce are small. Wood shavings from the shop we often use in our garden (our son Jacob loves to use them in his veggie patch:) and any extra surplus goes to the local compost.

We do not have additional employees, so everything that is built, is built by Tim. Brigita (me) helps with upholstering couches and beds, making sure questions/emails are responded to and orders filled on time, while keeping an eye on Jacob and Nora... Life is very busy these days, but we are immensely thankful to all our customers for their continuing support by choosing our toys.

While visiting our store, please know that you're ordering from a small, family run business. Our children know how hard their parents work and how much joy and gratitude each sale brings. It is a great proof to our children that if you're willing to work hard and be patient, you can accomplish a lot. 

Best Regards,
Tim, Brigita, Jacob and Nora Cornwell

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